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Help save my home

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Help save my home: I have struggled for the past two years after losing my job of almost 25 years in 2012. I

I have struggled for the past two years after losing my job of almost 25 years in 2012. I have been trying everything I can think of for help and am turning here. In one week, on September 25, 2014, my home will be sold at an upset tax sale if I am unable to come up with $6400 in back property taxes. If anyone can help me to avoid loosing my home it would be a large burden off my mind. I have been selling items that I can, have made cuts in unnecessary comforts (eliminated cable tv, etc.) but am still at a point where I need help.

I'm not looking for a handout as I will pay this back to anyone that can provide me with assistance beginning in October 2014.

Please help me save my home. I need to have this money into the tax office by 4:00 pm on September 24, 2014 or I will lose my home.

God Bless You all and thank you for any help you can provide.
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About angiem1

My family and I desperatly need help. My husband lost his job but thankfully found another one at a temp service. He now believes that he will be able to get on there full time but while we were waiting for this job to come along we became behind on our house payment.

We just need help getting the account caught up or we stand to have our home foreclosed on. We will be homeless if we loose our house. We do not have any family support.

We would be able to pay anyone back.

 We have 5 children.

Please if there is anyone that can help

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About steffi19676

I am 42yrs old. My husband & I were out on the road, he was a truck driver. We were in Maryland at a truck stop when my husband started having chest pains, then had a massive heart attack & died. The hospital near by brought him back but he only lived 2 days then went on to heaven. He was only 42 & never had health problems. Now I am about to lose my home due to not having life insurance on our home yet, I am unable to get it financed in my name & I was wondering if there is anyone who could help possibly pay my house off for tax purposes or possibly help me save my home. I need $159,000.00 for the pay off. I am willing to pay you back on a 15yr loan. My husband worked so hard to buy this home for me & I have lost him, I don't want to lose the only thing he left me!  I have 2 children & 3 grand-children that live in the home with me. I am going to go out on the road myself driving truck to help take care of myself & help my children. My oldest son (the one with the grand-children) was in a terrible car accident, my youngest grand-child was thrown out of the car window when it rolled, My son hasn't been able to get work yet. He has had to go thru some doctors care & is yet to be released to go to work. It seems life just keeps getting more & more tragic for us. Somebody please help me!  Thank you! 

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About pestguy22

I am in need of financial help. I am a professional home inspector in Texas and when the home market crashed so dd my business. I am currently working at Walmart to help but the pay there barely pays my basics. I am married with 3 children and I need a break for once in my life. I know there is someone out there that has the means to help and I will make the most out of the help. I would be happy to meet with you and prove that I am a real person in need. If i cant get help I will lose my home and I am not sure what I will do at that point because I have no family to help. I know this is the story of thousands of Americans right now so if you dont help me help someone if you can, I would. Thanks and God Bless.

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Please Help - I am Losing My Home to a Nasty Divorce

Hello, I am not looking for a miracle as i have lost faith there is such a thing. All i ask is that you look within the kindness of your heart and help me save my home from forclosure. I am going through a very nasty, unhappy divorce and my spouse refuses to pay any of our outstanding bills or our $2500 per month mortgage. i am currently Ill and cannot work or afford to come up with the shortfall,  I need ti raise as much money as i can as soon as possible or else i will be forced out into the street. This divorce is devestating and my spouse refuses to help. They want me to fail as punishment for the divorce. Please, any amount of money you can offer woud be greatly appreciated.

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need two thousands so i won't lose my home tomorrow

don't mean to sound like i am helpless  which i am not but i am a disabled army veteran who returned home on the 21st of april last year, it has not been easy by no means but i am trying to maintain, i have some positive outlooks for the next month as far as generating more income , in the meantime i am facing the loss of my home if i don't pay my loan company $2000 by tomorrow early. This will be a loan payable over 60 days just need a kind soul .  Please send inquiries about my situation to Thank you kindly.

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joined the military in 2000 before all this crazyness, attended montgomery college in rockville before then and strayer university, did tours in germany and hawaii. God willing things are turning around soon. I am very resourcefull and kind hearted i am trying to achieve for i know my family depends on me , i depend on me, i know i will not fail for i know God got my back for real though so even though i need help today i don't despair about tomorrow. Thank you for helping me in this time. I need two thousand dollars to save my home by tomorrow, thank you.
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humbled father  

just cant get ahead, behind on mortgage and dont want to move my family again

i fell into forclosure last year and the mortgage company offered a repayment plan of double our normal mortgage.  we thought at tax time it would be better, not they offset our tax return so we cant pay.  we owe about 5000 and are afraid of losing our home.  I have 2 small children, can anyone please help.


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kk kids  


I am a mother of 2 girls whom I love very much. I would do anything for them. I have been working so hard to pay my house payments but I have gotten behind and need severe help. I am trying to catch up between paying all the utilities at the minimum to keep them on. I can't seem to get no where. I am ashamed to be asking for help but I have no where to turn. If there is anyone out there that can help me Please Oh Please help me save my home for my daughters.


Kelly Turner

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